How to Install Windows Essential Live Mail in Windows 8
How to Install Windows Live Mail in Windows 8

Windows Essential Live Mail Software is not included in Windows 8, it is Free to Download and Install, Learn How

Windows 8 comes with a Mail program, accessible by default through the Start Screen tiles.  Although this is handy, it may not have all features you need, or perhaps you have multiple email accounts, or you just simply prefer to use Windows Essential Mail (also known as Windows Live Mail), if this is the case, then downloading and installing Windows Essential Mail in Windows 8 should be your answer.

You will need to click on the following link in order to download Windows Live Mail:

To download Windows Essential Mail, see below for a screen example, simply click on 'Download Now', in the Get Windows Essentials box, as you can see below, then you will notice a bar pop up on the bottom part of the window, giving you 'Run', 'Save' and 'Cancel' options. Select 'Run'. You may have a 'User Account Control' box pop up, if so select 'Allow'.


The window as below should pop up, after selecting Run, and unless you want to install all of the Windows Essential programs, select "Choose the programs you want to install"


Deselect all programs, just leaving the Mail icon checked, then select 'Install' button as shown below:


Once you click install, the following box should appear showing you the progress as Windows Essential Mail installs onto your computer:


 Once the install completes you should see the following box appear:


Simply click on close, and you have now completed installing Windows Essentials Mail. Now all you need to do is open your Windows Essentials Mail program, and start setting up with your email account

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